West Virginia sets up resettlement for illegals, ignores growing problems of those who are born here.

The state government is throwing out the welcome mat for illegals. While some of our people live in tents, most suffer in some of the worst poverty and increasing violence  and we have the highest overdose rate in the country. As well as seeing the growing rate of mental health conditions ignored. Not to mention more and more pets being neglected.

“West Virginia already faces a budget shortfall for 2018 FY of 290 million dollars , the unemployment rate is 6.5% and above the national average , the assault on our coal industry has cost 700 coal miners their jobs, there is a drug epidemic, and the June flood disaster severely damaged or destroyed 1200 homes.” “In addition, there are other economic factors that are impacting our state.” “How does it even remotely make sense to bring foreign nationals to our state at such high tax payer expense when so many of our own people are suffering?” “Further, our country is 20 trillion dollars in debt.” “A sane nation does not do this!” Quoted from the link.



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