Charity navigator tell the truth about Autism speaks.

Charity navigator was stupid enough to give Autism speaks a 73.36 score without rating or investigating them. They should have looked closer. Autism speaks uses four percent of it’s funds on families and children with Autism. Nothing on adults. The rest of their money is spent on saleries and “genetic research” looking for a genetic marker. Wich would-and does-cause the deaths of babies on the spectrum before they are even born. They use fear mongering and hate campaigns to scare people into handing over their money. They have a stranglehold on my home state where they are conducting their research at the university. Finding help or programs for mental health and Autism is almost impossible. Because Autism speaks want all the finances to go to them.  And the organization’s highest ranking employees make a fortune in saleries. Why doesn’t this so-called charity speak up about the Judge Rotenberg center if they care so much about families? Why don’t they provide more support for parents like they claim to? Where are they when doctors deny much needed-perhaps life saving-medical treatment for kids on the spectrum? They certainly can afford it. Why didn’t they pick up the phone? Enough already. Charity navigator do your reasearch. I don’t care how much Autism speaks bribes you. They support the muderers of those on the spectrum. Such killings happen all the time. We are tired of being afraid every day. How about weighted blankets Autism speaks? Speak up aginst stigma instead of promoting it. Why don’t you make a real difference? Why don’t you help provide some therapy animals? Or assist people on the spectrum to learn to be more independant? You make me sick. And so does Charity navigator.


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