Unbearable pain, does anybody care?

I have unbearable pain. My abdoman hurts. I keep having to go to the bathroom every few minutes. My breathing problems are also unbearable. And being ignored. I wonder how long I will be here before my lung problem kills me. Nobody will do anything. The “doctor” I go to at Family care is not even a doctor. No other people here. I need to contact an online counselor on chat but can’t stay out of the bathroom. If I go to Family care they will keep telling me to go glueten free. So will my caregiver. I refuse. Glueten free means they take out the flour and rplace it with sawdust. That might be trendy but it will NOT help me. I’m tired of my health problems being ignored, made fun of, Belittled made light of. They are not funny. Am I not being treated because I’m Autistic? Low income? My depression is getting worse and worse. Like people are standing around waiting for me to die. Are the stuped trends valued more highly than someone’s life?


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