“Caregiver” did not show up. Again.

My “caregiver” was supposed to show up at noon today. Did not call or let me know she know. The place she works for did not bother telling me. Once more someone on the spectrum is treated like a subhuman. Invisible. We don’t matter. They didn’t bother asking if I wanted or needed a substiture. I am tired of this crap. Nothing is going to change. We will always be treated like we are subhuman. NT’s are determined to keep us that way so they can keep victimizing us. I can’t take it anymore. It’s unbearable. I won’t put up with it  It is not worth taking my life though. I told them not to send the caregiver back. But now what? I will have to take a bus for almost an hour each way. To cash my check. Will have nobody to take me to the grocery store. If I tell anyone they will blame me. I could contact the suicide hotline but it won’t really change anything. Why are my people being singled out? This is much worse than the civil rights ubuses of the 60’s. But we have no marchers. No Martin Luther King Jr. No president Johnson. No one who cares enough to do anything. The only ones who don’t see us that way are on the spectrum. I’ll try to keep going. I have my beloved cat to take care of.. But don’t know how long I can take this. Well, I’d better get on my arrand while the sun is shining. In case the wind rain and lightning start up again. I should have realized the “caregiver” would not show up or contact me. What did I expect of the people where she works?


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