I’m patriotic and despise guns.

So, your not a “patriot” unless your are totally into guns and gun violence!?? People call soldiers “heroes” while they are overseas with a weopon in their hands. But when they come home wounded and needing attention, all of a sudden they are not called heroes anymore. And are most likely forgotten. So…I don’t love my country unless I’m willing to blow someone’s head off? A nation founded on the Book that says thou shalt not kill and love your enemies. Is all of a sudden not called the Bible anymore? I love my country and I love my neighbor. And may God help me one day love my enemies. This country is evil and headed for judgement. No, God is not a Santa Claus who winks at your sin. He sees every sin and hears every sinful thought. He knows I love my country. And hate guns just as He does.

By Catherine Fowler


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