Autistic black lives matter.

With all the talk and media reports about the “Black lives matter” marches and protests in Washington, and all the renewed interest in the civil rights movement of the 1960’s in hear it all the time and that’s not a problem. But far too  tmany Autistic people of color are being arrested, shot and murded  then treated as if the never exisited. Why aren’t we hearing about this in the media?

Jeffrey Marini black Autistic
Murdred, shot dead by a cop
for making noise.
Jaquarious Kendall went missing

found dead in a lake
The same state where Reginald

Cornelius Latson (better known as Neli),
a Black autistic adult, has also been confined,
indefinitely, in the very same institution as
Arnaldo … after suffering solitary confinement
and other abuse for years in Virginia prisons
stemming from his arrest after police were called
because he existed in public while Black and autistic
waiting for a library to open. (That’s after the
governor’s “conditional pardon” by the way.)

Steven Eugene Washington, a 27 year old black man
who reportedly had never had a run in with the law,
was shot dead while walking to a friend’s house

in Los Angeles. When he was reportedly
approached for “acting suspiciously”,
Black teen tasered and arrested for
walking down the street while black and Autistic
Bloodied Autistic person arrested.
Autistic black man killed by police in his own

I could go on and on. It seems black lives
matter only if they are NT and able-boddied.


Since when has walking down the street been

“acting suspiciously”?

I don’t understand this. With all the talk

about African-Americans, why are these

people being ignored? It seems that Autism

is all anybody sees when looking at the

neurotribes. Otherwise we are invisible.

Jefferey  and the others deserved to be treated

like human beings.  Not singled out for their

race and neurology. I’m tired of it. These people

did nothing to deserve this.

They were American.  They were black. Their

lives matter(ed).



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