6 Ways to Help Your Dog Survive the Fourth of July

Cats too!! Keeps cats indoors!!

The Dante Diaries

Fireworks have been a traditional part of America’s Fourth of July celebrations since the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776. But as popular as fireworks displays are, animals don’t understand that the bursts of light and deafening explosions are just for fun. To them, Independence Day seems more like the end of days!

© iStock.com / Zhenikeyev 

Dogs have jumped fences, broken chains, torn through screen doors, and even leaped through glass doors—sometimes seriously injuring themselves in the process—in a desperate (and futile) effort to escape the bombardment. Not surprisingly, after fireworks displays, animal shelters report an influx of lost cats and dogs. Many animals who disappear on the Fourth of July are never found again.

Play it safe by taking the following precautions to help your animal companions survive the annual reenactment of the Revolutionary War with as little stress as possible:

1. Never take dogs to…

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