Neurotribes-abelist book supports ABA.

I borrowed the audiobook Neurotribes from the library. And it kept going on about a cure.  It spoke about family after family, and what the parents “suffered” in a way to “fix” their children.  No input from the kids was involved. In fact no consideration from the Autistic people was sought whatsoever. Either in the cases mentioned or the writing of the book itself. These “experts” had no right to speak for us. I realized that no matter how many times we post write talk speak up or try to educate neurotypicals about the harmful effects of “curing” us, they are not going to listen.  It’s like they are determined to continue harming Autistic children through their selfish thinking. Every attempt to “heal” those of us on the spectrum always involves suppressing or ending the aspects of our condition-for lack of a better word-that the don’t want to see or hear.  No matter how much input they recieve  from us. It’s as if they are determined to turn Autistic people into robots without the slightest consideration for what we might experience. It gets me very upset and deppressed. I hate that book. Would the authors have supported Autism speaks? I didn’t finish listening to it. The hostility toward us is very painful. For wich the ABA crowd has shown little sympathy.  It seems that most NT’s have that attitude. I would like to have a cure if it actually worked. But would be very wary. Avoid the Neurotribes book by Steve Silberman. These “experts” don’t need your support. The real ones do. I will return the audiobook to the library as soon as possible.


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