Resources needed for Asperger’s suicide ideation.

I have been experiencing suicidal ideation every day. And it is getting worse.  I took a look at the website for the Ntional suicide prevention lifeline. And found plenty of great resources for veterans, Native Americans, and attempt survivors, there is absolutely nothing for those of us on the spectrum.  The Neorotribes are hurting so much. With Aspies ten times more likely to take our own lives. A search of the internet turned nothing but articles. I have been going through some serious depression.  The only theraputic aproach to “treating” Autistic people with thoughts of self-harm or suicide is designed for NT’s. And while I’m grateful  these exist, it is nothing but ableist descrimination. I contacted the Lifeline on Facebook about my concerns, and they told me that the lifeline would connect me to a local center and I need to speak to them about resources. But if Autistic people are left out then it is unacceptable. Talking on the phone is hard for those of us on the spectrum. They want us to suffer in silence. If we die they don’t care.  I’d like to create some kind of resource for Autistics with suicidal thoughts and/or ideation. With people who know how to help. (not me) But I don’t know how to create something.  My suicide ideation is getting worse. I am not putting down the Lifeline. But there is no excuse. My therapist just tells me to think happy thoughts. Doesn’t really help. Just covers up the pain for a while. Need a place to turn. The Lifeline has centers across the country. We need one for Autistic people.





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