We are the invisibles.

I finally figured out why everybody wants a “cure” for Autism. Why ABA is so popular.  Why all that talk about vaccines gets so many people upset.  Why the murderers of Autistics and other disabled people are always defended. It’s because all those things make us disapear. Nobody has to see or hear us.  Why my so-called “caregivers” don’t take any action when I tell them I’m feeling suicidal. And only tell me to call 9-11. If we lose our lives, are turned into robats by ABA. Are tortured at the Rotenberg center. Are put on dangerous psychotropic drugs. Are neglected by family members. Aborted. Nobody cares what happens to us as long as we suffer and die quietly. If we attempt or commit suicide we receive little sympathy. (most of the time) And they accuse us of lacking empathy!?? Hello?  I can’t tell you how much that hurts. How worthless I feel because of it. To be so devalued like that. I begin to feel like I have no right to be here. What a way to treat my people. I personally would welcome a cure if it actually got rid of my disorder. But that is not what this world wants or intends. It’s scary and ableist. I am alone coping with my Asperger’s. No one else I know has it. And it is far too overwhelming. But so what? What do I matter? I am a disease a crime a demon a monster. I am hated. War has been declared on the Spectromites. We are being put in prison as replacement for the the mental institutions that we are put out of.  Or we run out of insurance. Aperantly the worst thing a person can do, by far, without question, is be called “crazy.”  The ultimate horror. Someone had to see or hear us. Oh my God. No! How dare we!! Who do we think we are!? A crime considered far worse than those commited against us. We are instantly seen as the one in the wrong. Invisibility is the very reason homeless people are being shunned from public places. Shut away in tent cities. Prevented from using park benches in cities and towns available to the public. (everyone but them.) The reason veterans are ignored when they come home from serving overseas.  A “cure” means illimination. Try to take our own lives or killed, then those around us only care that we suffer and die quietly.  It’s too late to abort us. Not so easily gotten rid of. So I finally figured it out. A “cure” means we disapear. I wonder why God put me here to go through this? But what if Jesus comes back like that? Disabled.  Will this world want to “cure” Him and make Him one of the invisibles?


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