Feeling the hate from You tube…again.

Now there is a video that paints Autistic people as muderers of their own parents. It shows Kylo Ren of the newest Star Wars movie killing his dad, by stabbing him in the back with a sword. The hate of the maker of this video of Autistic people is indescribable. And the number of people who will see it as an expression of their hate… How many will try to use it as an excuse? How many people on the spectrum will suffer and possibly die as a result of this video? How much more will those of us on the spectrum suffer because of NT hate? My people know we are hated. Don’t try to hide behind You tube videos. Or your violence. Or your murder. Oh, right beside this video was one that showed teenagers making fun of the victims of the Holocaust. Really You tube? Really?

Everything wrong with…stigma.

On You tube there is a series of videos called “Everything wrong with…” These videos feature a young man pointing out the shortcomings of everything from McDonald’s to Netflix. But one goes too far. The host comments on a toy called a fidget spinner. And claims that the gadget is said to help children on the spectrum behave better. Then shows the young man sitting alone on the sidewalk disheveled and with eyes that imply he has been up several nights. (pretending to be Autistic) He then refers to people on the spectrum as “Autistic screachers.”  Implying that, without the toy, a person with ASD would do nothing but screach and make life miserable for those around them. Ignoring the many warnings on the internet about the dangers posed by the fidget spinner.  This Ant=Autism You tube video is hurtful, ableist, stigmatizing, and unexcusable. I reccomend that everyone give it a negative rating. And boycott the man his channel and his videos. Until he learns everything wrong with…stigma.

New home new start. New town.

I’m moved into a nicer apartment in a different town. There are no drugs in the parking lot. It’s safer here. But, I feel trapped. There are no buses here and it is a very rual area. The only things to do are McDonald’s, and ice cream place, Dollar general. The place where the caregiver works, keeps me dependant on them, for any further freedom. We went to the library where I was able to check some things out. But it’s boring here. So many places and things are beyond reach. The animal shelter is a long walk across a bridge. Have to depend on them to even go to a doctor. The caregivers that is. No therapist despite my repeated requests. Depression still bad. My precious washer and dryer combo was stolen by the “caregivers” and my brother. My family won’t even come see my new place. I’m handicapped and in poverty so not a “family” member. Not on their priority list. I ended up not able to go to the grocery store last week because of the caregiver’s incompetance. My lungs are getting worse. The doctor won’t treat them at my apointment this Wednsday. Now what? The caregivers should have moved me someplace that at least had buses. They want me to be dependant on them so they can keep billing the insurance. They don’t care about me. Well, stigma from some neighbors has started. At least the air conditioner works. This new apartment is clean and in good repair. Will give it a chance. My cat Shania is happier here. But we are so far from her vet. The law enforcement is better here. And animals are not neglected or abused. in this county. Don’t see pets neglected and uncared for outside. No human troublemakers around either. It’s blessedly quiet in this location. We just moved here my kitty and I. Will see what happens.